The Loving Arms Foundation is an organization that will provide long-term housing for adults between the ages of 21-30.  It will allow individuals the opportunity to get a College degree or trade without any worries of stability. This organization will also help take the weight off our Government.  We will assist these individuals for up to 3 years and once they have graduated, our government will not have to worry about housing, food stamps or Health Care. These individuals will have the qualifications necessary to independently take care of themselves.

The Loving Arms Foundation believes that without education there will be reoccurring problems with homelessness. We plan to offer on-site, personalized counseling in an informal setting to residents, through a full time, licensed clinical social worker and our resource coordinators. Weekly individual and group counseling give each individual an opportunity to address his/her personal issues and share in support groups for healing and growth, focused on managing emotions, low self- esteem, grief, depression, stress relief, sobriety and domestic abuse. We plan to offer a wide range of classes, educational seminars and guest lecturers.



Interpersonal development and vocational training will also be offered by trained instructors as well as volunteers on topics such as healthy lifestyles, good nutrition, preventive health care, Planned Parenthood, relaxation techniques, meditation and the importance of exercise with an emphasis on preventive health care and well-being. We will host leisure activities and award ceremonies for great achievements.